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3rd Coast Aggie
March 29th, 2011, 10:06 AM
Sorry for the late report but I had typed one up earlier and when I went to link the photo below it erased everything I had just typed so I lost interest in re-typing everything (for a little while anyways).

My fishing buddy and I decided that Friday night would be a good night to drop in the kayaks and paddle around the canals on the south shoreline of West Bay looking for trout in the lights. I won’t say where we launched, but those of you somewhat familiar with the area will no doubt figure it out. We got on the water around 11:30pm and fished until 2am. We were dying to catch something so we opted for shrimp on popping corks as our method of choice. I managed to land 3 trout that were in the 17-18in range and fat while my buddy landed 3 smaller trout (still keepers) and a couple of rat reds that were released to do some more growing. The fish weren’t exactly swarming in the lights but were definitely hungry. It was the first time I had caught a trout in months so I was pretty pleased with our results.


March 29th, 2011, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the report.

March 29th, 2011, 12:11 PM
Good report

March 29th, 2011, 12:17 PM
Not a bad night.Congrats

TTU Wader
March 29th, 2011, 12:59 PM
Nice job. Free-lining shrimp and other small baitfish is deadly too.

March 29th, 2011, 01:38 PM
Great report.....Thanks,

Baby Tran Cat
March 29th, 2011, 02:09 PM
great job and thanks for posting