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  1. Cmon anytime. Got a bottle of gold also. Popped the top last night. Good stuff..
  2. Thanks! I'll try to get out this weekend. Skrimps?
  3. Surf is on my friend!
  4. How are things man? I have not talked to you in awhile. Be careful at Mardi Gras. Don't get beads, beer, or a nipple in your eye.
  5. Thanks. I did not want someone or myself to ruin a lower unit.
  6. Happy new year! We'll get out there some time!
  7. Happy New Year brotha! We need to hook up on the boat soon. The surf fishing is to far away...
  8. Maybe going to fish Friday if you are in. I am going out of town for business the next few days, but Friday is fishing day. I hope.....
  9. Probably tomorrow and or Sunday
  10. When are you thinking of going?
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