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  1. What's up, bro?
  2. maybe Tuesday? saying west at 5 to 10. long ways off though. 5 to 10 sat and sun. lol will be a zoo out there!
  3. not fishing today
  4. We accept that challenge and will win that bet any time, anywhere. Should be easy pickins.
  5. What'up homeboy. Let's go catch a few.
  6. u fishing today?
  7. whats up? going to hit my spot in surfside tomorrow. will call you if they are there. its going to be rough but i cant wait another day.
  8. Good job, Dano. May walk in with you but my back is killing me.
  9. i pulled 1 trout out of 8 mile this morning about 21in. lots of birds working early but to far out for wading.might go again in the morning.
  10. man, you guys been puttn a hurtn on the fish lately! yall need a bigger boat so i can tag along.
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