Went out with a couple friends 5:30 Saturday morning in about 10-12 knot winds. We hit the diversionary canal first but didn't find anything. Tide was pretty low so we got stuck a few times and poled out and decided to head to the bay. We went and drifted a few reefs and hooked up witrh a few undersized trout. I hooked something in the mood to fight but it broke off on the trolling motor. The wind kept increasing during the morning and the water was pretty ugly. We hit several more reefs and drifts but only caught 3 keeper trout to 17" and a bunch of Gafftop slimers! We made our way out of the bay and back to the diversionary around 1 and worked a few of the banks & inlets but never got anything worth keeping so we finally called it a day and got back at 3.
We continued to fish the river from the dock at the house, but never got much. I finally caught a nice sheephead Sunday afternoon, but that was it for the weekend. Tough grind.
I'll go try it again someday.