Bought some shrimp from Bright Lite (really bad shrimp though) yesterday morning, put the kayaks in at the park around 7:45am (later than I wanted to start) and paddled out across Cold Pass. I worked the grass line toward Titlum Tatlum with a bone topwater. Nothing. Went up in Titlum Tatlum working the grass, still nothing. Went up in the first cut-in on the right side. There were a lot baitfish back in there and saw a few larger fish swirls. I threw the topwater some more and my girlfriend was throwing a TTF trout killer. Nothing. I switched to a gold Red Ripper spoon and my girlfriend put on a Gulp Shrimp. We went way back in there and didn't get one single bite. She was pretty discouraged and wanted to call it a day so we headed back in. Maybe next weekend will be better.

There were lots of kayakers out and it was a beautiful morning though. I'll post pictures later.