Fished Bessie Saturday. Did good in the morning before the winds picked up. Had some nice strikes, missed a flounder had it flip off. Had drag set tight on another just a series of stupid errors. Persistence paid off landed some nice reds and a flounder all released.

While fishing I pulled into a turning basin to play with the wireless trolling motor. I was making a few casts mainly balancing my reel again and I felt a tap and quickly put the parts back together to set the hook. Fish was off. A few choice words and I turned around to find 5 boats idling around me. All poised to move in on my spot... Not catching anything I drifted away and let the other boats have a crack at it.

I left at WOT and noticed a boat following me... I tried to signal but it was too late... I hope they got it off... 200 yards on a mud flat covered by 1" of water is a long push for someone on a 24' boat!

I guess they got out because when I went back by 4 hours later they were gone. Foot prints were all over the place.

Here's a quick video of the area I targeted before the tide fell too low.