Over the years fishing’s place in my life has transformed itself many times. When I started I went to have fun and hopefully catch fish. Size and quantity were trivial. As I began to grasp the concept my priority moved to catching numbers. The more fish I caught the happier I was. Next, the pursuit of big fish captured my attention.

As my passion for the sport grew I started to become a student of the science known as angling. Reading. Observing. Learning. I wanted to know how every little aspect affected the water and its inhabitants, so I studied the moon, tides, and weather. The next phase in my progression had me eager to capture and share the stunning and exciting moments I experienced. Photography, cinematography, and writing were my creative outlets that allowed me to share my passion with others.

Recently, as my mind wandered, as it often does, I caught myself reflecting, where am I now? I still enjoy catching fish as much today as I did the first time I picked up a rod and reel, although my means have evolved. Instead of live or dead bait I now reach for a self-tied fly or a plastic lure. I’m still a student of the sport soaking up every piece of knowledge I come across. I still love taking pictures, shooting footage and writing about my angling experiences.

Fishing’s role in my life has matured into all those things, but most importantly, I value the friendships created along the way. Fishing is now more about the quality of the experience; everything else is ancillary. I’ve fished with many characters over the years. Last weekend was no different.

Full report and additonal photos here...