Spring time is in full swing and as always the pattern can be tough to figure out. Where you caught fish today does not mean they will be there tomorrow.

East Bay has had the more consistant bite for me. Working shorelines keying in on active Mullet and fresh slicks have been our best bet. Shorelines that have some sort of shell pads or near by shell have been best. Topwaters and Corkys have been our go to baits and will continue to be our bait of choice over the next month for sure.

West Bay is still a hard one to figure out! One day we catch them in the coves then the next day over shell. Soft plastic Assassins have worked best for me in West as of late. With the water temps hovering around 70 degrees I will start spending more time working the mid bay reefs near Chocolate and down around the pass. Look for these areas to turn on real soon.