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Thread: Smart hunters are finding their way to the classroom

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    Smash Smart hunters are finding their way to the classroom

    Smart hunters are finding their way to the classroom
    Today, hunting is safe and getting safer, and mandatory hunter ed is a big reason for that. Since 1988, when the Texas Legislature passed the state's mandatory hunter education law, a hunter born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must have taken and passed a state-approved hunter education course to legally hunt in Texas. Students take the course one of three ways: through a traditional classroom course taught over a minimum of 10 hours over at least two days; through a home-study course involving video instruction; or an online course. For more information on Texas hunter education requirements and available classes, go to, hit the "hunting" tab, then "hunter education." Since Texas began offering hunter education courses in 1972 (the course was voluntary until 1988), TPWD has certified almost 950,000 students. Mandatory hunter education, with students' exposure to firearms safety training combined with a decades-long, aggressive firearms safety campaign by the firearms and ammunition industry and the outdoors-related media, are behind the long-term steady decline in hunting-related firearms accidents. In the 22 years (1966-87) before mandatory hunter education requirements, Texas saw an average of 19.31 hunting-related firearms fatalities each year and there was one hunting accident for every 13,318 hunting licenses issue. In the 24 years since hunter education became mandatory, Texas has averaged 5.41 fatal accidents each year and one hunting-related firearms/bow accident per 24,511 hunting licenses. If people would remember to treat every firearms as if it were loaded and always point the muzzle in a safe direction, we would have a lot fewer accidents. In 2011, feral hogs were the game being hunted when 35 percent of the hunting accidents occurred.


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    Great read and so true. Everyone stay safe this year.


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