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Thread: Reference to my post 2/16/12 Mysterious shadows under the water

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    Usaflag Reference to my post 2/16/12 Mysterious shadows under the water

    If you go to the internet and enter wagon bridge to Galveston you can see pictures and stories about the 1893 wagon bridge to Galveston with concrete supports. If you go to Flash Earth or Google earth and look next to the new causeway on the West Bay side and zoom in you can see what I was referring to as round shadows in my original post. However if you zoom all the way in you can see that they are actually oblong like the picture which proves to me that this is what is left of the wagon bridge. I read that the bridge was badly damaged by the 1900 storm,then repaired. It was replaced by the present railroad bridge built in 1912. I still wonder what happened to the concrete that was above the water and how high they still are above the bottom. I don't intend to run my boat over them to find out.


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    When Traylor Bros built the new causeway they took out 6 lower units on theyre crew transport boats crossing that area! you think they would a marked em after a couple times!LOL!
    West Bay Sensai...


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