Had an opportunity to take my good friend Marcos, who now works for FTU at the west side store. He and several other employees there had been trying to help a shimano employee, who was in town from Japan working,catch a tailing red on fly. So, Marcos, Atsushi, and I set out for a few hours in the afternoon. Conditions were decent, but not great. Wind had several areas a little dirtier than I would have liked, but there was enough decent water to find a few. For the most part it was a tough outing, with the reds mostly under the grass in resting mode. This tends to happen when they have eaten well earlier in a tide. Which cause me to use quite a bit of profanity when referring to them. LOL.
We did find two pods of trailers and missed on both groups. Only found a few fish that were up on top of the grass and moving, with way too many that would swim away under the grass rendering them nearly impossible to catch. We did get Atsushi one tailing fish to eat that got to the boat, along with another that he hooked and lost.

Wasn't great, but we accomplished the goal. The highlight of the trip was finally getting him talking, and with all the cussing Marcos and I had been doing to describe the difficult behavior of the reds that day. It was hilarious when Atsushi finally joined in and proclaimed..." Murrer frucking reffish". I almost fell off the platform laughing as he repeated one of my statements with a thick Japanese accent.

Can't wait to hear the stories about what he told the guys at the shop about fishing with me. LOL.