This is always fun, fishing with Darryl isn't as frequent as it was years ago, but we almost always get on good days when we get in a boat together. Started early fishing mud flats and water was super clear. Got on quite a few fish cruising and occasionally knocking shrimp out of the water. He got a couple to eat a spoon the one on a crab pattern. Then the fun started for me, he offered to pole for a bit and let me fish. I got one cruiser pretty fast that popped up close. Then we saw several working a small pond. We got the boat in and just sat against the downwind bank waiting for one to move. I was able to tag 3 in a row as they showed themselves before we moved on. Pretty cool to knock down 4 nice reds on fly in under 30 minutes.

We moved to the skinny and crystal clear stuff and found more cooperative fish. Landed 9 all together and had a double on twice. Just a blast seeing all these good reds up and hungry right now.