Had this trip on the calendar for a while as a aTm graduation present for my buddy's son. Knew the winds would be stiff, but had no idea it would be so bad. Not sure how the Babes on the Bay tourney went, but we had a rough time in more ways than one.

Friday AM, we started at my usual windy day spot in Mesquite after a long, wet ride to get there. Found nothing but chocolate milk, with not even a hint of green water and high tides minimizing the value of my spot. Tried some live shrimp and caught nothing but jumbo hardheads. Switched to cut bait and picked up a few nice gafftop... Yeah, right, I know! Also managed a few small trout off the top of the reef on cut bait, but nothing was interested in the plastics. Decided to move to the ICW nearby and work the little bit of green protected water we could manage... Nothing, but a blank. Then tried working the grass shorelines in Dunham and also were rewarded with a blank. Called it an early day.

Saturday AM, winds were howling and we had killed off a bottle of VO, so decided to go back to bed. Made a go of it later in the day, working the Copano shoreline behind the airport. Water 3' to 4' deep looked comparatively good and we managed a few dink trout and some trash fish. Moved in close and did some wade fishing, but had zero luck. Had lots of company behind the wind break, even had a pack of fly casters ease up into shouting distance. Since we were catching nada, I was ONLY just amused.

Sunday AM, since the winds had been howling all night, we just said to hell with it. Bait stand guy said he had reports of nice reds on cut mullet in the same area we fished Saturday, but we never found them. Canal behind the house was loaded with finger mullet and we enjoyed catching a few rat reds off them while we were at the house. Enjoyed a leisurely morning and breakfast, packed up and headed home early.

Good friends, good times, but not very good fishing. Presented the graduate with a custom bait casting rod that I made for him with aTm colors and graphics. Made him very happy...

Winds expected to continue to blow 14 to 20 mph through Thursday. Not likely to go back for Memorial day as there are simply too many people. May head to Sabine to try our luck there instead.