Started off high noon with no tide movement because that's the time when we could go, lol. When we showed on south jetty there were a good amount of boats anchored up but no rods bending. There was some type of bait just popping all over the place a hundred yards off jetty and birds feeding off them like mad. We tried throwing with in this area with large plastics and hard baits with no bite?

We then fell in line with it being very slow with a small Jack bite and slimy Gafftops. Around 3 the tide started moving and we started working the rocks up close with trolling motor and towards the end of jetty I threw my small mirro lure into rocks and boom, I almost had my little (over priced) green rod pulled out of my hand and then a 3+ft Tarpon explodes off my bow and I get a couple more jump out of him before he spit me. I think I just didn't have enough back bone to set hook hard enough. It was great experience and heart was pounding out of chest. Picked a few small reds after and all in all a great day not at the desk. This is the type of experience that makes me spend the time and money I do on trying to learn this crazy hobbie/life style. Love it!