Fished East Bay the four day weekend. Nice Specks to five pounds seen being caught at the cut, even though it was packed due to the Holiday.
Incoming was full of seaweed, so headed West from the cut and went in off the ditch towards the tripod. East from there and since it was late afternoon keyed on some working Pelicans. Got in front of them, but the school was moving pretty fast. Moved to where I thought they would head to and had double hook ups between the lady with me and myself.
She had Trout and I had Reds! That was Friday.

Saturday late morning hit the ditch west of the Cut where Caney hits. Headed West.
Bay was already looking a bit roughed up, and since there was a child aboard, we stayed in the ditch, fishing the south side to avoid the seaweed that was being blown onto the north side. Pitching Redfish Magic plastics with some Pro-Cure added to the plastic we had several nice hook ups on the grass just off the ditch.
Had some killer strikes that were either saddle blanket Flounder, or some big Reds both right up against the grass as well as the transition line from almost green to chocolate milk that broke us off before I could turn the iPilot around.
Sunday Morning I got up and as everyone else was sleeping in, and I had to burn some fuel to lighten the load, I headed first to the Cut. NOTHING HAPPENING as the tide was not moving as I would have liked. Saw some Pelicans hammering right around the corner headed towards the beach, but since I needed to burn some gas off the boat, decided to head East up the ditch.
Once back out in the ditch I headed East towards the swing bridge.

Now this being my first excursion down there I was in "Full Exploration Mode".

Good old Lowrance HDS9 Touch was showing me some spots that if I were fishing for Redfish I would hit. Drains, cuts,grass,etc. Headed East to just past the Federal Wildlife stuff and saw plenty of things that were marked. Hit one good drain and saw some good sized Reds tailing, but with black rain clouds just off my starboard side all morning I decided to save it for later. Found several good spots down there that look just like the ditch East of Bolivar that consistently hold good Reds, so will hit them either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Good Trout are holding in the "Pig Pens" as well as over by "Bird Island" by the way. Saw some hand wading as his Shoalwater was parked and never saw him bend a rod, but sure did see that killer stringer he hefted into the boat! He ended up checking out what I was looking at on the other side as the Trout were running bait into the "horseshoe"...if you know where that is at!

Will report again after this weekend.