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Thread: broke in the jh performance this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurefisher View Post
    Wow that is a nice fatty Michelle.If you look close you can make out a skull face in his camouflage .check this one i caught in e.matty on a top water.I never noticed it but was so dang excited about nailing a flounder on a gold red head shedog,I sent Barham a pic.He immediately called back telling me to look at my pic again there is a face on that fish.
    I hope your having fun with the new boat ,its getting time for them e.matty big girls!

    that's cool. i never noticed that before. it was really noticable in your pic. thanks for pointing that out.
    i'm ready to chase those matty fish w/ u and sneeky pete.

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    Were going to hit it a couple times during the week give Sneeky a call Michelle im sure he would love to hear from you.He has not been feeling well sence the car wreak.


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