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Thread: Meyers Lemon Fail

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    It had developed some huge thorns on several branches and that was it for me.
    It could have shot out some suckers from the rootstock. Citrus are often grafted onto the roots of hardier closely-related plants. I'm guessing the branches with the big thorns came from near the base of the tree. Prune these off, along with any other branches that come from below the graft line. I could be wrong though, some myers are just thorny.

    The lemon stump keeps putting out growth but I keep taking it off.
    If you want another citrus tree, you could graft a cutting of a new citrus that you want to one of these shoots. Prune all other shoots once the graft takes, and you will have a new tree in no time due to the already-developed root system.

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    The satsuma was grafted on Trifolieta root stock from Frobergs in Alvin. Don't know about that damn Meyers. purchased it from them also. They have some good stock for sure. 1 tree is enough lemons for a whole city block! Anything with thorns aint for me. My wifes Roses mysteriously disappear also.
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