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Thread: Currents and flows, not to mention wind ...

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    Default Currents and flows, not to mention wind ...

    So I was anchored in my yak by one of the three little islands near the boat launch on Jones Lake when I noticed my bottom rig was traveling east to west (?) or from Fats toward the boat launch. It had been high tide for a couple of hours, but there definitely was a strong flow down there in the channel. That caused me to realize how little I know about the forces under the water. There has to be a prevailing current or flow around Galveston that's effected but not overcome by tides, right? And as the tide changes, water flows in and out, but in which direction? The answer isn't as simple as "toward land" on a rising tide and toward the bigger bay on lowering tide, right? And to confuse me ever more, the wind seems to change things. I'll give my popping cork a rest, and cast it off to the side with a shrimp while I work lures in front of me. The wind should keep the cork out of my way, but the bobber floats right into my casting area. Must be the tide or a current. Sooo, let me ask if any of you know a way to determine:
    1) If underlying currents hold fairly steady and typically in which direction?
    2) Looking at reefs or islands on a map or Google Earth, which ways will the water flow on changing tides?
    3) How much will a brisk wind affect currents and changing tides (and thus have to be taken into account more than having it to your back to cast)?
    I think knowing such will really help me do a lot better, not that any lack of skill or gear on my part has anything to do with my success or lack thereof. (Harr-umph!)
    Thanks in advance.

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    I suggest you buy a quarterly magazine from " Gulf Coast Fisherman".
    I have had a subscription for about 25 years.
    You will learn a lot about tides and currents. It gives daily details.
    They sell 4 a year. Winter,Spring,Summer and Fall.


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