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It's an effort and a good distance to drag my boat to the bay to fish just 3 1/2 hours .... Hard to wrap my head around it . That's why I fish all day . Besides , I love fishing . I need to be wealthy and have my hired help do all the prep work and cleaning . Sounds like a nice no pressure fishing morning for you . That is cool catching fish on top waters in the dark .
Believe me! We would rather fish all day. The ramp we launched from is 10 minutes from my friends house and 5 from mine. I have an extenuating circumstance that kept us close. She called me, because the folks she was taking canceled out and she knew I had not been out in a while. She just wanted to run the boat a little and she knew I would not be able to be out for long. After the sun came up, we went searching, however it was difficult finding them. Fishing under high pressure is usually a grind anyway. We really did not want to run to upper Trinity, because you'd swear it was drive time traffic on 45 headed in that direction! Crazy! She keeps her boat ready to go at any moment. She is just plum ate up with fishing. It will be more fun fishing starting this weekend due to the opening of deer season, real quiet on the bay!
Yeah, I need to be wealthy too!