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Thread: 6/11: Red on a clouser

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    Beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing.
    Go Astros!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenny View Post
    How do you like that large arbor reel? Why that instead of regular?
    Kenny, I fish a TFO Mangrove 8 weight rod and the reel is a Ross Momentum. I have a couple of Ross reels for freshwater. Their saltwater reel is rated pretty well for durability and drag and the price isn't as high as some of the other brands that are in vogue of late (Hatch, Nautilus, etc.). It's also made in SW Colorado which for me was important.

    I tend to fish with a lot of line out and the biggest benefit I have seen of the large arbor is the ability to reel up slack quickly and get a big fish on the reel instead of playing it by running the line through your fingers. I trust the drag more than my touch. I landed a 20+ pound red on that setup in Louisiana in February.

    The only downside I have seen in the TFO Mangrove is the ability to cast large, heavy flies at a distance. It is a great rod for picking up and laying down a 30' or 40' cast with no false casts (what it was designed for). Chucking weighted clousers at 40' to 60' takes practice - lots of practice. If I had it to do again, I might get the 9 weight TFO BVK, a faster rod with more ability to chunk big flies.

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