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Thread: Majek Extreme 22 owners

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    Default Majek Extreme 22 owners

    Recently purchased a new to me Extreme 22. I am looking to find someone who owns this boat or similar to learn more about running it better. Things I would like to get better at after taking it out a handful of fishing trips....drifting, riding through chop (feels like I'm getting beat up more than I should), and the best way to get up on plane in 1.5-2 ft water (jack plate settings/trim).

    Yamaha 250 hpdi, 6" jack plate, minnkota I pilot.

    Been a lurker for a couple years and have enjoyed reading about the fishing and shenanigans of West Bay.

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    Ive had mine for about a 2 months I love it, drifting I use drift socks on one in front and one in back, without the socks its seems to drift at a 45 degree angle with socks its drifts dang near perfect, running through chop I've learned that I if run 40-42 mph it rides a lot better cause it seems you stay on top of the waves and the front of the boat doesn't make contact with them, of course in rough water 2-3 footers I just take it slow 20-25mph, im still learning this boat myself but Im used to running a flats cat 19, and its sooooo much better in the extreme. As far as the trim tabs go I don't have them but I will be getting a set soon. Another thing ive learned this boat performs best with jackplate all the way down, ill go up 2-3 on the plate if im gonna cross some shallow water but after about setting 3 I watch my water psi start to fall. Hope this helps.

    2005 22" extreme 2009 225 hpdi.
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