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Thread: Flounder in the Surf- 09/28/16 Report

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    Default Flounder in the Surf- 09/28/16 Report

    Had dinner plans with a friend down on the seawall at 8. I got off work around 4 and went home to get ready. On a whim, I looked at the surf cams and it was gorgeous. Flat and green as far as the eye can see. Left the house at 4:30 and headed towards Galveston. Picked up a dozen croaker as insurance and headed to the rock groins. Clarity was amazing with over 2.5 foot of visibility and bait was abundant. The guys at the end of the rock groin were slaying the smacks. I stuck around toward the base hoping to get a few trout, but they didn't seem to be there. I started with plastics to no avail, and switched to croaker.

    After switching, I pitched close to the rocks and let the little fella swim around, pulling him out when he wanted to go between the rocks. The chatter weight got too heavy for him and he disappeared past the rocks.


    I drop the rod tip and expected the line to go taut as the trout runs with the bait. 30 seconds in and there is no run. I lift up the rod and feel weight. My first reaction is that the croaker dove into some rocks and got stuck. But wait...there was a soft gentle bounce to the weight. I saw the line move very slowly and knew it probably was a flounder. I positioned my rod over the fish and set the hook hard. The fish ran closer to the rocks, startled to feel a force pulling at it. I could feel some of the rocks as the fish pulled and hugged close to cover. However, with nowhere to go, the fish took out towards the open and I pulled it up. The fish turned out to be a nice flounder. I repeated this process for 45 minutes, walking up and down the rock groin. Eventually, I ran out of bait and threw tops at roving smacks. After two cut-offs, I called it a day and watched the sun set. Had dinner at the Spot with my friend and with that, I could not ask for a better evening.

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    Nice limit!
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    Ahhh Flounder fishing this time of the year is the best.
    Very nice Jonathan.


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