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Thread: Orvis fly rod and reel

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    Default Orvis fly rod and reel

    I have a Orvis Trident Mid-Flex 7.5, 8'6" 3 1/2 oz 6wt, Reel is a CFO IV Disc Saltwater, I actually got it in Alaska while on a corp fishing trip. Want to know if this set up would be good for our area? Also its never been out of the case and wonder what it maybe worth in the market?

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    A 6wt is on the very light end of the spectrum. However, it will work on a calm wind using smaller flies. The main thing is, can you accurately, and gently, cast a saltwater fly to 40' with it? If so, you should be OK.

    Most folks will use an 8wt on the typical day, 7wt if it is calm, and break out the 9wt (or bait caster) if it is windy.

    Once you light into your first red on a fly rod, I guarantee you will buy 2 more rods within a year!

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    Default Skiffstiff

    That combo will work most of the time.I carry a 6wt & 8wt on my skiff.The 6wt works great if you are wading or if you are back in the marsh were casts are point blank.The 6 will work on the open flats even in the wind but it is more difficult to accurately place the fly were you want it to go.The 8 wt works much better in the open flats but will get the job done almost any where,sort of like a 30-06 work horse in the hunting sceen.
    You will be hooked for life the first time you hook up on a sight casted red and he burns out on that 6wt.


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