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Thread: WTH?

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    Correct Kenny-where will they run to if their Safe Places are closed? I guess they'll have to move back into Mom & Dad's house again at 40 y.o. after just moving out from mommy and daddy's house a few years ago. Life's tough when you count on mom to still cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and wash your clothes when you are 30 y.o. or older-plus all the stains on the bedroom rug and bathroom floor because ya never could get a date with a real girl (which also explains the infatuation with LGBT) because ya live at home with mommy and became seriously depressed when Playboy discontinued nekkid pics (which they recently announced they will start back again soon, so the snowflakes can have real pics instead of making the Victoria's Secret and Sears Catalog pages stick together).
    "Hey Hillary, regarding the Benghazi Attack on 9/11-we'll just blame it on that movie, not my total lack of security. By the way, what's so significant about 9/11 anyway-was that a date my buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground blew up a government building?" asked Obama to Hillary. BEAUTIFY AMERICA, RUN OVER A LIBERAL, THEN BACK UP AND SEE IF HE'S DEAD.

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    I am appalled by the radical left , hellywood, main stream " news " stations and democratic elected officials . They seem to see their mission in life to oppose whatever the president does. Obstruction and fake news reign in snowflake land . Ok , Trump is not a politician ( a good thing ) and is stepping on everyone's toes , commie main news stations , democrats , republicans alike . The news stations thought Obama could do no wrong and asked penetrating questions like " what was your most enlightening moment " and you can't possibly have bowel movements like common people do .The left becoming apoplexic about the inconvenience of the immigrants . My fathers parents were immigrants from Scotland . They came to the USA LEGALLY , something inexplicably the left confuses with ILLEGAL immigrants . That is being deceptive , right in there with a lie and FAKE news . So would my democratic buddies really rather have Hillary in the White House , expanding Obamas fundamentally change America death spiral , weak economy , Bigger government , weaker America , perverts allowed in ladies bathrooms , Russia and radical Islam running amoke , and on and on . Really ?
    My democratic buddies on WEA are good guys who would do anything for me . Wacko Kieth Ellison is in the lead for the DNC , a certified anti Semitic , pals with radical Islamic peoples , Farracon and such ideologies and peoples that you end up being comfortable in an Iran type government. The left is doubling down on FAR left ideologies that lost them the election . The hate and receptiveness of the left is summed up by Harry Reid when asked about his provenly false tax accusations about Mitt Romney that greatly influenced his loss ... Harry Reid said , " well , it worked didn't it ? " Lying and cheating and deception are party policy for the DEmocrats . We want people like that governing us ?!


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