Saturday I cashed in the trip from the auction during the Blackjack Tournament. Capt. Keith Inglehart, myself, Redfish Wrangler, and Jay, his brother. Started off the morning and popped a 28 1/4 on a bone and chrome shedog. She was long, but only weighed 6.75 on the boga. Released because we only want fat girls. Picked up and moved a couple of times, but only a couple of rat reds, and chip size flounder. Made one final move and fished the tail end of the incoming tide. This spot produced one over 6, 3 that were 5 plus, a 4 and a 3. There is a 16 inch trout in there for some scale. The water was torn up and visibility was garbage. All the fish at the last spot fell to a Leeward Lures Seaweed and Norton Sand Eel in Salt and Pepper. Always surprising when they want those light colored baits in yoohoo colored water.
Captain Keith worked hard and the cooler produced.
Book him if you want to get on some pigs in East Matty.
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