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Thread: New to the forum, new to owning a boat, fishing newb...but HI!!!

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    Default New to the forum, new to owning a boat, fishing newb...but HI!!!

    About a year a go, I moved to Galveston. I have always loved the island coming here when ever I could from Humble.

    Some of those times were spent trying to fish. Didn't have anyone to teach me, but I would always bring a pole and try to catch something even if I didn't know what I was doing. No internet back then.

    Lived some time in Dallas and some time in New York, fishing just wasn't really on the agenda.

    But, since moving to Galveston, that urge over came me. I've become a regular on the 91st street pier and learned a lot. Had some great days fishing and I was going two to three times a week. Met my fiancé shortly after moving to Galveston and she has the bug just as bad as I do.

    The pier has been great, but I feel like we should be chasing fish :-) We decided that this is our thing, we are going to be doing this for as long as the good Lord will let us. So, we have purchased a boat. 2006 Ranger Bay 2200. I am the first to admit, I don't know anything about boats, but after some exhaustive research, I took the leap.

    Today was the first day we took it out by ourselves. I am happy to report, that we made it back alive!

    Actually, the launch went excellent. Vicky (My fiancé) backed the boat off perfectly (almost forgot the plug). We cruised around the Bay and tried to fish a couple places. Didn't get on anything as I spent most of the time messing with the boat trying to figure out how everything works and I couldn't get the boat to sit somewhat still which was frustrating me.

    So we headed back and I was able to load the boat only have to re-approach once!!! Pretty pleased.

    Even though we didn't really get to fish much, I'm still trying to figure out my Lowrance, couldn't get the trolling motor to turn on or the radio, and the current wouldn't let us sit still.......I know that this is going to be the start of something great!

    We are excited and looking forward to learning West Bay.

    Hello from Chris and Vicky, the 46ish year old newbs. We are happy to find this community, looking forward to making some friends, and learning a ton from the veterans!

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    Welcome to FishWestEnd. There are a few guides here on the site that will take you on your boat. They will show you the areas to avoid, to target, explain the nuances of the bay etc.

    Great first post and look forward to seeing you on the water.
    We are West End Anglers, a saltwater tribe!

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    Welcome and congratulations on your boat purchase. There are a bunch of fine people on here with a great deal of boat and fishing knowledge. And humor as well.

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    Welcome aboard, Chis & Vicky!

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    Welcome, make sure you are careful in West bay. Lots of areas that can be destructive to a boat. Get a good map for the gps and study the bay well. Learn how to get around before running that thing too fast in west.

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