Took the day off Friday from work. I took fishinaddiction out for a snapper trip. We were greeted by calm seas. We stopped at several shrimp boats, nothing home but remoras. Once upon the wreck we had quick limits of snapper. We tried jigging first which resulted in this large AJ which was released.

Here’s the AJ on the sounder, marked pretty good.

We switched to cut squid and had some large snapper find the hook. We had to keep one smaller than we would had liked due to a gut hook. However, it was still a keeper and will eat good too.

Ran back in to each shrimp boat and only found one with a ling. It looked twice at both our baits and swam away.


Took Txshockwave, Matt Schultz with Reel Feathers Artwork and Redfish Rob out towards the same area but to a different wreck on Saturday. We had the spot to ourselves for 4-5 drifts. During which we landed 6 nice snapper and released probably another 6-7. The team was working like a well oiled machine. On our next drift Joe in the Salinity came by.

We said hello, a good snapper shown to them as it was put in the box. After a drift Joe said he saw some blackfin moving in the water column. I personally never saw them, a friend on board mentioned it as well. I only saw their marks on the screen but no takers.

We drifted 3-4 more times and were able to get a final good snapper to make our limit.

Same scenario heading back asFriday, we hit the shrimp boats but nothing was home.

There was a lot of traffic on the water today so switched course a bunch to find shrimpers with nobody there. Not much underneath them. We pushed in and was cleaned up and back home by 4.