Me and a buddy got our first hunting lease out in east Texas last March, it's a115 acre pine stand that ain't been hunted in 15 years, we've been busting our butts trying to get this place huntable. We've got 6 feeders with 6 cameras set up. We have a bunch of deer on camera, I've got my spot picked out, just waiting for October 1. We were hopping to have shot a few hogs by now (we had plenty of signs of hogs) but, up until last month we only had one hog on camera, he would come around about every 2 weeks or so. Now that deer season is here, we have a sounder of about 6 hogs and another loner on camera pretty regularly. Needless to say we are not hog hunting anymore till deer season is over. I have not shot a deer since i was a kid, we moved to Houston and i had no access to hunting. 38 years later and i feel like a kid again being excited about hunting deer. I've got the climbing stand ready, cross bow sighted in, gear packed up and waiting. I put in for the 1st and 2nd of oct off of work and away from the wife( they are both thinking about it) lol