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Thread: Cory Booker-proposing Slave Reparations

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    I've been met with dead silence from the Ancient Romans. The English sent me a bill for my ancestor's passage to Virginia. It seems he was a stowaway. In all fairness, he was a Jacobite fugitive following Culloden. With penalties and interest from 1747, I'm in the hole over 11 million pounds. I should have just shut my mouth and counted my blessings to live where I do and when I do.

    I've still got a grudge against the Yankees though. Soldiers burning people's homes while their men-folk are away fighting in their own army is not very cool. After this though, I think I'll just complain here and not make an official filing.
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    Ahhh, the stowaway thingy-glad he wasn't found while over water-coulda been a long swim to the New World.

    Yankees, sort of like the Japanesse in China during WWII-hide the wimmen, the yankees are coming-burn everything and left folks starving to death. War-aint it great! I guess no Libs watched Gone with the Wind.

    Yeppir, seems like Mr. Booker, Maximum Dumbazz Waters, Squaw Warren, Burntheflag Sanders forget that slavery ended over 150 years ago and I'm wondering what percentage of "blackness" would qualify for reparations. A lotta of Cajuns I know are Octoroons and would like some tax money back. As I recall, I helped a lady I used to work with file her paperwork to be a member of the Sioux Tribe because she actually "qualified" as a Sioux due to her grandmother being full-blooded-can't remember which actual tribe of the Sioux nation; regardless, one had to be I believe more than an Octoroon to become a trbal member (certainly not 1/1024 like Squaw Warren believes).
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