Squaw Warren ate at Ninfa's on Navigation. After doing so, she called a Press Conference and announced she was "Hispanic". DNA results show she is 1/1024ths Hispanic but has a margin of error of 1/1024.

Her Campaign Chairman, Ive Neverbentruthful, said after she was gobbling down the fajitas at Ninfa's, she now relates to all illegals and wants to claim numerous Earned Income Credits on her 1040 for all her dependents in Campechana Mexico. Ive said she can claim up to 48 dependents, being the whole "cuidad's population" because the IRS does not audit illegal's tax returns, they just send 100% refunds to them. Warren said more US Citizens should make claims to be illegals and thereby get more free stuff and is considering writing a Bill making US Citizens illegal aliens. The Center for Tax Control said "Hey, that just might work out better since idiots in Congress treat illegal alien criminals better than their own citizens." Ben Dover, a typical US Citizen, said, "I'm headed to Methodist for a hang nail that's killing me and I'm gonna say "No habla" and get free medical care-it beats the helloutta ObamaCare."