Its been a crazy busy summer that seemed it would never end. We have gotten caught up and will be offering 25% off all 100 and 200 hr services for November! We can get you in and out with our quick services same day. (by Appointment Only) or we have pretty quick turnaround right now.

Below is a list of our standard service that exceeds Manufacture Service Requirements

All Services Include Following as our Standard Service Base.
1. Change oil in motor with OEM or Our Standard is Full synthetic Amsoil (Customer Choice)
2. Change Gear Lube with OEM or our Standard Amsoil Gear Lube (Customers Choice)
3. Put on Diagnostic Software, Record Service to ECM(If Applicable) Search for Recalls and Bulletins, Print Diagnostic Report for Customer.
4. Change all Fuel Filters on Engine, and Fuel Water Separator on Boat (Opti's and Verado's on Engine)
5. Remove Spark Plugs and check plugs for proper burn rate, re-install if all good.
6. Indicate Prop Shaft and make sure everything is with-in Manufacture Tolerance, check for any Fishing line on shaft seal areas and remove as necessary. Lubricate Propeller Shaft and Propeller Hub before Re-install Of Prop.
7. Pressure and Vacuum Test Gear Case to 14PSI to check sealing is proper.
8. Check all Anodes and Grounding Straps, (Replace as Necessary)
9. Lubricate all Grease Zerts on Engine and Jack Plates if Applicable.
10. Check Steering Hydraulics for Seal Leaks, and Proper Bleeding of System. (We replace Seals and Perform Power Purge with Sea Star Machine if we find any issues. (This is additional cost and only performed with Customer Approval!)
11. Inspect all Fuel lines and Fittings, Inform Customer with any inadequate issues.
12. Inspect all Timing, Alternator, and Air Pump Pulleys and Belts and Inform Customer with any inadequate issues.
13. Check Cooling System Engine Components and Inform Customer with any inadequate issues.
14. Corrosion Protect engine and all electrical components with Boeing T-9 Corrosion Protection Spray. It Dries on with no sticky residue and out last leading competition

Additionally a 200 Hr. Service includes the following
1. Water Pump Impeller Replacement.
2. Inspection of Water Pump Plate and Housing Inform Customer with any inadequate issues and Repair Quote
Clean VST Chamber and Related Components, Replacement of VST Filters.
3. We have a in-house Fuel Injection Cleaning Machine. We flow All Fuel Injectors for proper OEM Specs. If they are out we Inform Customer with any inadequate issues and Quote Injection Cleaning Service.
4. Replace Spark Plugs

Quick Services Additionally Include the Following
1. Same Day Drop off in the Am, and pick up same evening. (By Appointment Only!) If we don't complete service on your scheduled date, the service is free!
2. Inspect and Grease Trailer Hubs
3. Inspect Trailer wiring and proper operations,
Inform Customer with any inadequate issues and Repair Quote.

**Each Manufacture has different intervals of Preventative Maintenance Required for Belts, Valve Adjustment and inspection and Such. So any Additions to our Standard Services above would be additional to the customer. ALL Yamaha HPDI's Require Additional Service not Listed as Well and will be Quoted before work would be performed and approved!

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