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Thread: Eating Kingfish

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    Quote Originally Posted by patwilson View Post
    Bacon rap them with a sliced pickled jalapeño and cook them on the grill until bacon is done. Whip up some garlic butter for dipping. Only way we eat em………
    Oh Yeah!!!! This is the way we do it. You'd be surprise how many people will tell you they don't like Kingfish, eat them this way and when you tell them what it is... they freak... can't believe that it's Kingfish. They usually will argue with you because they had it a different way and didn't like the strong oily taste...

    I have people come to my parties and tell me the food is awesome, just don't tell them what it is, they don't want to know... This happen at Christmas.. I served this wonderful fresh grilled sausage.. 6 rings lasted 10 minutes... (Nutria Sausage - Yummmmm)
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    What everyone forgot to mention was....when you ball a King, start from the tail and filet the first 4" back from the fork. This is when you make your 1 1/2-2" vertical cuts all the way towards the head. There is no need to cut any blood line because when you start that far back, all you'll get will be perfect balls of meat with no bone or blood...continue that balling all the way to the pectorial fin and turn her over and repeat! There should be no bones or blood using this method..(unless it's a really small king..then just filet it.)

    After all of that is said and done, bread and season to taste!

    ......remember....don't get too fancy trying to clean a's not that hard..and this comes from someone that doesn't even eat fish!
    I work just enough to pay for my fishing habit.


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