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July 10th, 2012, 01:14 PM
Tompkins: Summertime is sunfish time in Texas
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The two boys fishing from the dock of the private lake a week or so ago were enjoying steady action, their limber fishing rods bending almost as soon as their earthworm-bearing hooks settled to the bottom.On rivers and streams, sunfish are just as energetic and willing to smack a lure or natural bait if not as concentrated as in the still waters of lakes and ponds.Anglers float-fishing Texas waterways over the coming couple of months and using ultra-light spinning gear or a 4-6-weight fly rod can count on nearly non-stop hook-ups with pugnacious "perch."Because bluegills are such prolific spawners, "bream" populations can explode, resulting in way too many fish for the available habitat.Unlike most sunfish, which will greedily smack a mayfly or other insect floating on the surface, redears pay little attention to potential meals in the top of the water column.Redears prefer deeper water than do most other sunfish, and schools often can be found holding in 5-8 feet of water, usually over sandy bottom around submerged vegetation.Small jigs will take redears, but fishing a nightcrawler or meal worm or cricket right on bottom - "tight-lining," no cork - is the preferred tactic.Redbreasts readily attack artificial lures, making them a great species for anglers float-fishing those popular, above-mentioned Texas rivers.

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