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  1. Hey tobin, i woukd like to figure this spring transition out. March tru april has always been my worst months and since we never had much of a winter pattern my go to winter locations were spotty. I know when it hits 70 for a few days they will be in sand\grass coves on southside of west bay but choosing the right cove in that complex is comfusing to me. I usually get frustrated than hit east which i grew up on. Its hard to look at bait and haul water all day. Thanks for shooting me in any kind of direction
  2. Good deal. Yeah, we're working on the flounder DVD, its taking some time though and we've had some busted shoots... it will get done though.
  3. Hey if i remember right, did i hear that you might make a flounder dvd? I have all your trout and deep water red dvds and love them. Steve gave me a new inside on Galveston bay complex
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