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  1. Woke me up! Biaatch!lol!
  2. Hey Mike, Im not getting enough signal to be able to talk on my phone! Whats been goin on bro!
  3. Are you on stadby again?
  4. Go Fish! LOL! Good Luck in new line of work!
  5. We ended up with 5 Fat trout!and Paul caught a cool sea turttle/released unharmed!
  6. Hey man I found an extra yac for this afternoon if ya wanta go 4096820259 call me!!
  7. Hey man neverheard back from ya pmd you twice did you not get my phone # be goin after noon if wind doesnt howl to much looks to be coming up now! cal if interested!
  8. It was very nice meeting you last Saturday, I am looking forward to fishing with you in the future.
  9. nice meeting at bthe trout tournament hope to fish sometime see ya out there
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