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  1. Oh yeah Pedro, I got a new aerator for the bait well. I'm as stupid as they come but I cathc a few fish every now and
  2. Hey Rascal, yeah I have matured slowly. That's how I like it. You fish with me for free by the way. But you are driving the boat. I already know you got the best spots down. I told you, call me! And don't worry, I will behave. lol 832-663-5864
  3. Glad to hear your not living so dangerously.
  4. Hi there is this Pedro? If it is I fished with you a while back. Upgraded my stuff. Bought a nice truck with a tow package. lol
  5. Yes sir, I am always ready to fish. Just need get our dates straight and we are fishing.
  6. Hey Man, anytime you are looking for a fishing buddy, give me a shout.
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