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  1. No problem. Its a bad design on pathfinders half. Thanks anyways
  2. Man, that is not really our area of expertise. I would be calling a fiberglass guy. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to pass because I feel the same as you lol.
  3. Hey i was wondering if the island is too far from your mobile service? I have a pathfinder that seems to have a scruffer plumbing issue. Thought i fixed it but its leaking at the through hull on the cap side into the bilge with zero access. Pathfinder says to cut access holes or speaker holes to access the area to repair. I have the speakers and hole saw for it but I dont have the courage to cut the bulkhead on the back deck. I was wondering if this is something yall mess with and maybe a general cost. Its a pain to bilge every twenty mins. Thanks, nick
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