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  1. Sounds like a plan brother..I've been working and doing things around the casa..looks like a paperwork day today
  2. lets get together some time soon. might be out your way next weekend.
  3. What up brian Griffin
  4. what up bro!
  5. Damn bro on tapacracktalk ,v messages,rep and pms don't show up..I got to log on to Web view and that sucks..ask me next time or text..the surf looked good early but I was working the the sky fell hard
  6. what up? lets hit the surf.
  7. lets fish tomorrow.
  8. lmfao danny
  9. been struggling and fishin in da hood
  10. i quit my job and went to work for new cell is 832,713,9070.we got some flatfish yesterday.i have been fishin in da hood.
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