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Conroe Spring Report

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  • Conroe Spring Report

    Lake Conroe has been on fire lately. I have been following the crappie since late last year on into the spawn and now out of it. The bite has been consistent on brush piles and standing timber. Live bait or jigs it doesn't matter. I never really followed the big ones into the shallows like I do on other lakes. Also, the water level just returned to normal levels. All winter the lake was 3-4' down. The rise happened just before the spawn and I haven't been confident enough to run through some stumpy areas. I plan on bringing the gator-tail out one day to explore some of these areas.

    I do not fish the bridge pilings on Conroe but saw about 50 boats there yesterday.

    I found my fish near Bentwater Cove yesterday on brush piles suspended from 8-15' of water.

    I have been seeing great reports and stringers of big catfish. Anglers are fishing bulkheads with cut shad or live shad and doing very well.
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    I trolled at idle speed using Rattle Traps and did fairly well on the bass. About 6-10' water depth. I did lose a few spools of line to some idjits' props when they cut behind me and caught my line-I'd just hit freespool and let them have the whole reel of line and smile knowing that they'll find all that line wrapped around their prop and realize what they did and maybe won't run within 10 yards of a boat's stern.
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