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Repair boat vs donation

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  • Repair boat vs donation

    Hi All,

    I'm relatively new to the area and just signed up on the forum after returning home from a fishing trip out of Venice, LA last weekend. I'd like to fish more frequently and want to find a spot to take my three boys (ages 2,3, and 4!) when they get a little older.

    We live in the clear lake area and got a boat 2 years ago to see if boating was going to fit with our family. We bought a 2001 26 ft chris craft sundeck with 350 volvo penta duo drive that has 325 hrs. The engine started making a clicking noise when under a load and I've taken it to two different shops for a diagnosis - one said it was a wrist pin and the other said maybe I spun a bearing. One recommended replacing the long block and the other said to tear down and rebuild the engine. Both options are going to cost ~$6-8 thousand dollar range unless they find something else wrong also.

    So, any input whether I should shell out the cash and repair it vs giving it to a charity. Does anyone have experience donating a boat?


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    Inboard/Outboards are not very popular here in Texas, and that kind of boat is not the best fit for fishing anywhere I know of on the Texas coast. My experience with I/O set ups is best summed up in what my father told me when I was a kid. "Sandy, if you ever buy a boat, it can be an inboard, or an outboard. Just don't ever buy an inboard/outboard. And never, ever, ever buy a Mercruiser." So at least you don't have a Mercruiser. That being said, I have no advice about trying to donate it. I've given boats to friends, but never made a tax deductible donation of a boat. Whether you donate or sell, make sure whoever gets it knows the diagnosis.

    Ah, Venice. Going and coming you passed over the Empire bridge on HWY23. That area is my old stomping grounds.
    From 1970-1997, true heaven on Earth existed on the banks of Bayou Cook. "Hey Dad, Thanks for buying the Camp."