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TSU Democrat Debate

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  • TSU Democrat Debate

    All I got out of it was we need open borders, no guns, higher taxes and everything will be free.

    If ya believe their crapola, then ya believe I also am a mega-millionaire which I earned from being a male dancer at La Bare in Houston that earned $10,000-$50,000 a night in tips from horny wimmens. Squaw Warren was darn generous with her tips-she used taxpayers' money.

    Looks like they have guaranteed Trump to win in 2020.
    "Hey Hillary, regarding the Benghazi Attack on 9/11-we'll just blame it on that movie, not my total lack of security. By the way, what's so significant about 9/11 anyway-was that a date my buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground blew up a government building?" asked Obama to Hillary. BEAUTIFY AMERICA, RUN OVER A LIBERAL, THEN BACK UP AND SEE IF HE'S DEAD.