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Super Tuesday Recap

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  • Super Tuesday Recap

    Joe and Hunter Biden won-whoops, I meant "Joe". Hunter is just his sidekick son that does his deceased brother's wife and everyone knows that ExxonMobil and Chevron wanted Hunter Biden on their Board of Directors but Burisma beat them to it. After all, what major oil corporation doesn't want a drug-addled, alcoholic in rehab on their Board of Directors? No 'stinky' issues of selling influence involved at all-nosiree Bub.

    I'm sad Bernie dint win. After all, he had the smartest person in the world helping him-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I was looking forward to buying 10,000 rolls of toilet paper-just look at Venezuela-that stuff's worrth a fortune since the socialists took over-it's scarcer than gold. I was gonna make a fortune on T.P. Futures!!

    Bloomberg fell flat-I thinks his N.D.A. with the wimmen he harassed dint help him much, nor the 'stop & frisk' or being a "soda jerk" about large size soda drinks, but I figured Houston would vote Bloomberg since Sly the Gay Guy endorsed him and Houston loves gays as mayor-aren't we on the fourth one now?

    Liz Warren is still smoking too much stuff in her peace pipe and her brains are clouded from the smoke signals she keeps sending out-plus the 'selfie lines' wore her flat out-----and she was running out of promises of "Free Stuff". Perhaps she'll go back to the Reservation and have heep big time in whoopee tent.

    Hellary-well, I don't see her coming up-she's still trying to figure out how to make Epstein's guards 'commit suicide'.

    Pete Buttrangeragieg-well, him and his other half went to the nearest bar after he announced he quit running for POTUS-Pete's a real gentleman, he always pushes the stool in for his other half-gotta respect that.

    Steyer-He's just a liar-hope his plane crashes-it's run by hamsters on a treadmill since he hates the oil biz.

    That's "Robalo's take" on Super Duper Tuesday. Have a super duper day!!
    "Hey Hillary, regarding the Benghazi Attack on 9/11-we'll just blame it on that movie, not my total lack of security. By the way, what's so significant about 9/11 anyway-was that a date my buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground blew up a government building?" asked Obama to Hillary. BEAUTIFY AMERICA, RUN OVER A LIBERAL, THEN BACK UP AND SEE IF HE'S DEAD.

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    Been too long man.. keep em coming!
    Shut up and FISH!!