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Refreshing Candidate - Kimberly Klacik

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  • Refreshing Candidate - Kimberly Klacik

    Dems are in trouble if the inner City starts to wake up. This gal speaks nothing but the truth.

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    Given the FACT the SJL and Al "Wolfman" Green continuously get elected because the voters in their districts are, well I'm trying to be kind, complete farking brain dead idiots, crack addicts and morons, I sure hope Kimberly wins in that scum city Baltimore. Maybe, just maybe, a dummycrat in Houston will see that Kimberly actually helps her constituents instead of the two bloodsucking pieces of excrement I mentioned above and ultimately vote for a candidate that isn't just a camera hogging, lying scum that never wants to truly aid their voters, but rather wants them solely dependent for handouts. I hope SJL and Wolfman Green fly in a plane that the engines fall off, but knowing them, they're so full of hot air, they'd float.
    "Hey Hillary, regarding the Benghazi Attack on 9/11-we'll just blame it on that movie, not my total lack of security. By the way, what's so significant about 9/11 anyway-was that a date my buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground blew up a government building?" asked Obama to Hillary. BEAUTIFY AMERICA, RUN OVER A LIBERAL, THEN BACK UP AND SEE IF HE'S DEAD.