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$100. reward for return of my rod & reel (Hitchcock TX) area

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  • $100. reward for return of my rod & reel (Hitchcock TX) area

    I was yakking at the railroad bridge between Louie's and the Pierce marsh on Wednesday. When I was returning, I forgot that my rod was in a rod holder at the railroad bridge.

    My 8 ft long "Pepper" made rod and a Chronarch reel was pulled out and sunk. The problem occurred on the South side of the RR bridge, and at the East side opening. Both rod and reel have sentimental value to me. Lloyd Pepper built that rod for me over 20 years ago.

    If anyone is fishing in the area and finds the rod/reel...I'd love to get it back and would pay $100.00 reward for the safe return. Offer good for the next week or so. After that, I imagine the salt water will have ruined everything. regards, Rich

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    Last time I went fishing with my kids, my oldest son was helping my youngest son cast and accidentally launched his Spider Man pole into the drink. There was much crying.

    I got about ten jig heads out of my tackle box, strung them on the line and then tied a corky on at the bottom. I grappled with that rig for about 15m but I came up with the Spider Man pole. There was much joy.

    Sorry to hear about your rod. I hope someone finds it for you.
    "Shut up and jerk your croaker" - James Fox


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      Yea, I tried dredging with a small rattle trap, but it wouldn't get down far enough. The current was ripping and the yak wasn't a great platform.

      I'm sure that, on a slack tide, someone with a big three hooked bottom digging plug ( or your neat rig) could catch the long rod. I can't get back down there for a week or so. Rich


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        Originally posted by Jerkyourcroaker View Post

        Sorry to hear about your rod. I hope someone finds it for you.
        X2! A Pepper is a sad rod to lose.
        "Curmudgeon only pawn in game of life."


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            Water was low yesterday morning. Guess nobody found it for you....


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              Nope...not yet. I will post up if I get the good news.

              I imagine that, on a slack tide, a guy could find all sorts of things on the bottom on either side of that little bridge. who knows what the current might do to it. Rich