A few repair shops open close to Galveston

Published October 22, 2008

The Reel Report is receiving many inquiries from readers about the status of the beach-front fishing piers. The most frequently asked question is “will the piers be rebuilt?” I do not have any reliable information about either the plans of the owners to rebuild or their ability to do so under Texas law.

What I have heard is that they will not be allowed to rebuild. Now, this is hearsay and, when the facts surface, we will get word to our readers. On a side note to this, I must say I miss receiving the calls from the fishing pier personnel. I have always considered their reports to be a good indication of what fish are moving in the surf.

Another frequent question is for a recommendation of rod and reel repair shops. With most of our local shops shut down for a while, anglers are looking for the nearest place to have their fishing equipment serviced and repaired.

Two repair services that are close to Galveston are the Academy Store in Webster and Chris’ Reel Repair in Santa Fe. Academy is located on the north feeder road of I-45 between League City and NASA Road 1. Chris works out of his home and can be contacted at 409-925-1503.

Anyone familiar with other places in our area, please pass it on to us.

Coe Parker sent a note about the West End Fishing Club’s youth’s activities. He mentioned that his group is considering a youth fishing tournament and that they always are interested in helping kids learn how to fish. Anyone interested in more information about their involvement with our young folks should check out the group’s Web site at www.fishwestend.com.

Today’s Good Samaritan Award goes to Joe Ortiz and his brother, Phil. You may recall their names as the manufacturers of the popular Flounder Pounder Fishing Lures. Since the hurricane, the Ortizes have been devoting time to helping others clean up from the devastation. Now, they are setting their sites on helping anglers to get their minds off of the aftermath of Ike and begin focusing on fishing.

Sales of their popular bait are down considerably this year, as few anglers have returned to fishing. This time of year, during the fall flounder run, is one of their best periods for sales. Instead of packing their entire inventory away until next year, the good brothers are hosting a giveaway at Smitty’s Bait Camp on Nov. 8.

Their objective is to encourage everyone to get back to fishing and those that stop by Smitty’s that day will have the opportunity to meet the Ortiz brothers and obtain one of their lures as a gift.

The event takes place beginning around 6 a.m. and will last throughout the day.

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