Good fishing in store for weekend anglers

By Joe Kent

Published October 16, 2010

The recent cool front has passed through, and it appears some excellent fishing will follow this weekend. The calm conditions forecast for today and Sunday should generate a lot of activity on the water.

Pelagic fish are being caught around the jetties, and tarpon are reported to be in West Bay. Reds are hitting in good numbers, and just about all other species are being taken. Fall is upon us, and the fishing is picking up.

Now, let’s take a look at where all of the action has been taking place.

More than 40 keeper fish were caught at the South Jetty (Gulf side) aboard Aqua Safari Charter’s Island Girl on Thursday for a party of seven.

Most of the fish were caught in the morning on Spanish sardines fished top and bottom.

The catch included one ling, 54 inches, one 20-pound kingfish, nine blacktip sharks to 30 pounds (boat limit), 26 large Spanish mackerel, one jack crevalle (released), three bull reds tagged, one cow nose ray released and many additional sharks, released.

My good friend James Selig, who has not been fishing in about 40 years, was talked into it last Saturday night by his Houston buddy Michael Bossart and his young daughters Collette and Isabella. The group spent their time at the Seawolf Park Pier where Collette managed to catch three fish at one time, plus snag a stingray, as did James and Michael.

The stingrays eluded eventual capture, Isabella proved she could sleep anywhere and through anything, and all had a great time. Perhaps this will trigger Selig’s renewed interest in fishing.

There was an unconfirmed report of a tarpon being hooked at the Tiki Island bridge by an angler fishing from a kayak. The big fish dragged the kayak to Jones Lake, where the angler eventually got the fish alongside. The silver king appeared to be 48 to 52 inches long and was released.

Opa Miller fished grassy areas and drains in Campbell’s Bayou and had a field day catching reds. Between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. the Texas City angler landed 13, with six exceeding 28 inches. Large live shrimp was the bait, and all of the fish were released except two.

Lloyd and Cookie Pepper, two of the legends in Galveston area fishing, are involved actively with Sea Center Texas’ youth program. Today, they are offering a free fishing day for kids younger than 15 at the Lake Jackson facility from 10 a.m. to noon. The kids need to bring their own rods and reels and bait. The fishing will include the use of hooks without barbs.

For information, call Lloyd Pepper at 409-737-1136.

To get your catch in the Reel Report, phone Capt. Joe Kent at 409-683-5273, or send an e-mail to There’s no charge for this service.


Tourney Results

Here is a list of teams that placed in last weekend’s West End Anglers West Bay Redfish Showdown Tournament.

1. Team Notorious

2. Team Third Stone

3. Tail Chasers

4. Team Reely

5. Team BAFM

6. Albert’s Hammer

7. Team Fish-N-Hunt

8. Tall Tails

9. Team Ibtsoom

10. Half Taco

11. Popovich/Soule’

12. Too Legit to Quit

13. See N Spots

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