Good fishing outlook for weekend


Published June 6, 2009

The weekend is shaping up for some good fishing. Following Thursday’s frontal passage, conditions are settling and a southeast flow is returning.

The southeast wind direction is the favorite of fishermen and beachgoers as well. Wind from that direction brings with it clear water from the Gulf and fresh air off the ocean, an unbeatable combination.

Reports have been coming in citing large numbers of jellyfish in the surf. Many of the calls are from newcomers to our area who are concerned they will be around all summer.

Jellyfish, like all other migrating marine life in the ocean, will make runs along the beach front in large concentrations and then scatter. The same is true of cow nose rays. Most years, we see a run of both species along the beach front and well into the bays.

If you are swimming or wading in areas where jellyfish are concentrated, carry some vinegar along in case you brush up against one of the slimy critters. The vinegar will neutralize the toxins and bring relief quickly.

In fishing news, the north winds Thursday and Friday slowed things down from the hot action of earlier in the week.

Friday afternoon, Jake Smithers and Jim McCord fished the west side of Pelican Island and found good concentrations of sand trout, ladyfish and a stray Spanish mackerel.

Using live shrimp fished under a popping cork, the anglers from Katy caught 29 sand trout, five ladyfish or horse mackerel and a lone Spanish mackerel. All of the mackerels were released.

Down at San Luis Pass, Jerry Fordham found the water sandy; however, it did not keep the fish from biting.

Fordham and his nephew, Fred Savage, caught eight sharks, the largest about 3 feet long, three gafftop, a large stingray and a flounder. Fordham fished free lined, live shrimp while his nephew fished bottom using cut squid for bait. Savage caught most of the fish.

Last weekend, Coe Parker, Bailey Campbell and Cody Holman fished offshore from 25 miles out all the way to the sunken ship V.A. Fogg. Kings, ling, spadefish and red snapper all were landed by the West End anglers.

The snapper were released, as the season opening was a day away.


Lots of big fishing tournaments are taking place in June.

Next Saturday, the Galveston Redfish Series is having its Galveston Cup Open Tournament. It is an open event as opposed to invitational, and no membership is required. This is an artificial bait only tournament.

Entry fee is $95 per person and includes food and T-shirts at the Captains Meeting on Thursday at Tops and Towers on NASA Road 1. Weigh-in is at Clear Lake Park from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

For information, call Sal Bautista at 832-646-3687 or Jorge Aguirre at 713-854-9511.

To get your catch in the Reel Report, phone Capt. Joe Kent at 409-683-5273, or send an e-mail to There’s no charge for this service.

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