Weather still frustrating anglers


Published February 18, 2010

Wednesday continued the pattern of nice weather along the upper Gulf Coast, although a bit on the cool side. The beach water temperature was barely above 60 degrees, which is colder than normal for this time of year.

Reflecting on the frustrations of this year’s weather, one of our well-known fishing guides sent a note concerning how long the current El Niño system will last. The system has brought wet weather to us for the past four months.

For answers, he consulted a meteorologist and was told it would be with us for a while longer. According to the information he received, spring will bring warmer temperatures; however, the El Niño weather pattern will last through early to mid-summer.

So, what are the worst things that can happen to a fishing guide? Those are hurricanes, El Niño and economic failure. Well, that sums up the past 18 months doesn’t it? “At least I have my health,” he said.

Not much in the way of fishing is taking place, and the main culprits are the low water levels combined with poor tidal movement. Tides should begin to strengthen Friday. 

Fresh water fishing is a sport many newcomers to the Galveston area enjoyed from their previous locality. Often the Reel Report receives calls and letters from residents new to our area asking if there are any freshwater lakes nearby that offer good fishing. Bass fishing is at the top of the list of most of the inquiries.

Unfortunately, there are not many public lakes and reservoirs in our area. Most of the fresh water fishing in Galveston County is in creeks and bayous that ultimately flow into Galveston Bay. There are a number of small private lakes, and some offer fishing for a fee. 

Saltwater fishing is by far the better choice along the upper Texas Coast.

Speaking of saltwater fishing, the West End Anglers Fishing Club is holding its fourth annual black drum tournament beginning this Saturday. The event runs through April 4 and is a catch, photograph, release tournament.

For details, check out the group’s Web site at

The annual P.O.I.N.T. Black Drum Tournament for the Physically Disadvantaged is set for April 9 and 10. We will have more information about that tournament soon.

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