Stocks of reds, trout in good shape



Published January 19, 2010


Last week, I mentioned that we should have a good indication of how well trout fishing is bouncing back by the results of the West End Anglers Fishing Club’s Big Trout Tournament on Sunday. Coe Parker, founder of that organization, agreed to take note of how the participants fared, not just the ones that placed.

Based on Parker’s report, it looks as if our stocks of reds and trout in West Bay are in good shape.

Reds were caught in good numbers over shell, while the south shoreline of West Bay, especially the coves, was where the big trout were found. A few flounder showed up on stringers as well.

The north shoreline produced a few trout but not nearly the quantity as were hovering around the Galveston Island shoreline. The area around Confederate Reef and North Deer Island was not as productive as anticipated, with only a few trout being taken.

The big bite turned on about the time of the weigh-in for the tournament. Many of the participants did not make the deadline for weighing their fish, as the action was hot and heavy during the strong outgoing tide from about 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Let’s take a look at the results of their inaugural Big Trout Tournament. For those who missed the announcements last week, the event took place out of Avery’s at the Marina at Sea Isle on the west end of Galveston Island.

There were 53 entries that formed 24 teams. Each team had a three-trout limit to weigh in. Nine of the teams made the cut off.

The winning teams and weight of their three-fish stringer were Dos Pescadores (15.1), Reel Time (13.6), Explorer 21 (12.3), SKA II (11.7) and Trout Slayer (11.2).

Young Cameron Plaag, son of well-known fishing guide James Plaag, took the side pot with a trout measuring 207/8 inches.

In other fishing news, Steve Martinez and a friend fished the North Jetty on Saturday and landed a 26-inch red. The anglers were fishing in shallow water, as the water temperature was warmer.

John Marshall reported excellent whiting action in the surf Sunday. 

Fishing the rock groins near the Flagship, the angler from La Porte caught six whiting up to more than 2 pounds using dead shrimp with the shell peeled off. 

Marshall said the fish were caught near the rocks.

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